MELEKHOV Dmitry Evgenyevich

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MELEKHOV Dmitry Evgenyevich (1899 — 1979) — the Soviet psychiatrist, the doctor of medical sciences (i960), professor (1962).

MELEKHOV Dmitry Evgenyevich

Ended in 1925 medical f-t Moscow un-that, specialized on psychiatry in the clinic run by P. B. Gannushkin (1925 — 1930). From 1931 to 1972 worked in Moscow in-those psychiatry of M3 of RSFSR, directed department of examination and recovery therapy of disabled people. Along with 1932 together with T. A. Geyer participated in the organization of psychiatric department Central research in-that examinations of working capacity and the organization of work of disabled people of Min-va of social security of RSFSR; since 1956 — the head of this department.

D.E. Melekhov is the author of 170 scientific works, including 5 monographs. It possesses a fundamental contribution to development of theoretical provisions on medical labor examination and the social and labor device of mentally sick. He made a contribution to establishment of dependence of the clinical and labor forecast of schizophrenia on type of a course of a disease, developed typology of personal changes and structure of remissions; made recommendations about the labor device of patients at various types and stages of a disease. It revealed the main conditions promoting compensation of posttraumatic disorders of a brain, the difficult pathogeny of an adverse course of neurosis and patol, development of the personality at disability is opened.

D.E. Melekhov was a board member and the chairman of section of rehabilitation All-Union and All-Russian about-in neuropathologists and psychiatrists; the editor «Psychiatry» of BME redotdet.

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Medical labor examination and employment of disabled people of Patriotic war with psychological diseases, M., 1945; The General principles of medical labor examination at mental diseases, in book: Examination of working capacity at nervn. and psikhich. zabol., under the editorship of N. K. Bogolepov, page 211, M., 1960; The Forecast and recovery of working capacity at schizophrenia, a yew. M, 1960; Clinical bases of the forecast of working capacity at schizophrenia, M., 1963; Development and results of social psychiatry in the U. S. S. R., Soc. Psychiat., v. 3, p. 14, 1968; Readaptation sociale des malades men-taux et psychiatrie clinique, Inform, psychiat., t. 47, p. 335, 1971; Theoretical and organizational bases of rehabilitation mentally patients in the USSR, Zhurn, a neuropath. and psikhiat., t. 77, No. 11, page 1686, 1977.

Bibliography: Dmitry Evgenyevich Melekhov (To the 70 anniversary since birth), Zhurn., neuropath, and psikhiat., t. 69, century 4, page 633, 1969.

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