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MEDULLOGRAFIYA (Latin medulla marrow + Greek grapho to write, represent; synonym: osteomedullografiya, osteomiyelografiya) — X-ray inspection of intra bone venous system by administration of contrast medium in marrowy space.

the Scheme of a medullogramma of a tibial bone is normal (a direct projection): 1 — a venous sine of the marrowy channel; 2 — the taking-away vein; 3 — proximal veins; 4 — a periosteal vein; 5 — distal Epi - and metafizarny veins.

For the first time M. was executed in 1945. De Juli and Duchchi (G. De Giuli, L. Ducci). The m is applied to studying of blood circulation in the marrowy venous sine, intra bone veins and veins connecting inside - and extra bone venous network of extremities (fig).

It is shown at diseases of long tubular bones of extremities and marrow (damage, inflammatory diseases, dystrophies, dysplasia, tumor of bones).

Contraindications same, as well as at other ways angiography (see).

Administration of contrast medium directly in a venous or arterial bed of soft tissues of extremities does not lead to contrasting of intra bone venous network, the taking-away, feeding and periosteal veins.

Contrasting of this part of a venous bed is possible only at direct administration of contrast medium to the marrowy canal. The research is carried out by means of the triyodirovanny water-soluble drugs used for an angiography (triombrin, Urografinum, Urotrastum, etc.), in the form of 50% of solution for adults and 30% of solution for children.

A contrast agent is entered in aseptic conditions by a direct puncture of a distal metaphysis of a bone a sternal needle (at children) or through a special cannula, edges it is carried out to the marrowy canal through previously imposed trepanation opening. M carry out under local anesthesia or under a short-term intravenous anesthesia. Contrast agent is entered in one step in number of 1 ml/kg of weight of the patient with a speed up to 1 ml/sec. Pictures of an extremity in a direct or side projection make in the middle, at the end of introduction and in 0,5 and 5 min. after the end of administration of contrast medium.

Upon termination of a research for the prevention of complications to the marrowy canal through the same cannula enter 10 000 — 20 000 PIECES of penicillin into 10 ml of isotonic solution of sodium chloride. To the place of a puncture after removal of a needle apply the pressing aseptic bandage. From complications at M. morbidity and hypostasis of fabrics in the place of an injection, usually disappearing within the next two days, allergic reactions to the iodated contrast agents, infection of a wound or marrow are occasionally observed.

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