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MEDICOLEGAL BUREAUS (bureau of forensic medical examination) — special medical institutions, tasks to-rykh are conducting forensic medical examination, rendering the advisory help to bodies of inquiry, the investigation and court concerning forensic medical examination, approbation and implementation in expert practice of scientific achievements in the field of forensic medicine, development of the offers directed to improvement of quality to lay down. - the prof. of the help to the population.

Need for conducting forensic medical examination arises during preliminary and judicial examination on criminal and civil cases. On criminal cases it is carried out for the purpose of establishment of a cause of death, the nature of injuries, true age and physical condition osvidetelstvuyemy, at investigation of crimes against the personality, etc. On civil cases forensic medical examination is carried out in some cases by hearing of cases about divorce, alimentary claims, compensation of material damage in connection with disturbance or disability, etc.

Bureaus of forensic medical examination are a part of city, regional, regional and republican departments (managements) and Ministries of Health. In the administrative relation they are subordinated to managers of the relevant departments or managements of health care, Ministers of Health of autonomous or federal republics or their deputies, and in methodical — to the chief forensic scientists (specialists) of regional or regional departments (managements), republican Ministries of Health.

Are tanatologichesky department with judicial and histologic laboratory a part of bureau of forensic medical examination, the department of survey of living persons and the medicolegal laboratory including judicial and biological, judicial and chemical and physics and technology department in to-rykh is carried out a research of material evidences of a biological origin (see. Medicolegal laboratory researches ).

All types of the examinations which are carried out in medicolegal bureau are made under the resolution of the person conducting inquiry, the investigator, the prosecutor or by definition of court. Results of examination make out in the form of expert opinions in the established form (see. Documentation medicolegal , forensic medical examination ). Officials of bureau court. - medical examinations are guided in the work as the relevant articles of criminal, criminal procedure and civil and procedural codes of federal and autonomous republics, orders and the directives M3 of the USSR, instructions of the Chief forensic scientist of M3 of the USSR, the corresponding rules and instructions.