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MEDICAL CHARTER — a meeting of the legalizations on medical sanitary business operating in pre-revolutionary Russia. Century at. is a component of «The code of laws of the Russian Empire» (enters the XIII volume).

V.'s basis at. the instruction to medical justices developed in 1797 by S. S. Andreevsky with changes and additions made by the subsequent acts was (see. Medical justice ).

Century at. it is divided into three books. The first book — «Medical institutions» — articles about the organization of medical service, its central and local bodies, about the rights and duties of doctors and other medics, about examinations on the right of occupation of medical positions, about maintenance and supervision for to lay down. institutions, about production and sale of medicines, etc. The second book — «The charter of medical police» — articles concerning obligations of various institutions in fight against infectious diseases and an epizooty about a dignity. supervision of quality and sale of food stuffs, quarantines, smallpox vaccination, etc. The third book — «The charter of forensic medicine» — articles concerning rules of carrying out court. - medical examinations.

Century at. reflected departmental dissociation of the medical organization, its very bounded functions in the field of precautionary and recreational actions and a dignity. supervision.

In performances of progressive figures of the Russian medicine since the second half of 19 century the question of need of radical processing of V. was brought up at. for the purpose of expansion of the rights of medical public authorities, differentiation of functions of bodies of various departments and strengthening of a preventive orientation of their activity. However these questions were not taken into account imperial administration; in editions B. at. 1857, 1892, 1905 made only insignificant additions on the basis of the adopted acts and the group of articles changed.

See also the Legislation on health care .

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B. N. Palkin.