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MEDICAL CARE — in wide value the generalizing name of all types of medical care, including medical and preventive appointment, napr, medical examination (see), patronage (see), observation (see), medical examination (see). Also many measures of primary and secondary prevention belong to a concept P. of m (see. Prevention primary ) and primary health care (see). All types of the medical help are subdivided into its separate types depending on the place of rendering this help, qualification of her faces rendering of conditions for its rendering and features of the organization. Treat such types of medical care, in particular first aid (see), self-care and mutual assistance (see), pre-medical help (see), first medical assistance (see), the qualified medical care (see), specialized medical care (see).

Treats special types of medical care also ambulance and emergency medical service (see), intended for rendering the emergency help, being at the same time special health service.

All types of medical care out of hospitalization in hospitals and hospitals combine in a concept extra hospital help (see). In need of hospitalization it is carried out hospitalization (see) patients.

See also Health care , Meditsina , Communist Party of the Soviet Union .

G. I. Labezov.