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MEDICAL AND PRODUCTION and LABOUR WORKSHOPS — the subsidiary enterprise at mental health, psychoneurological or narcological facility which is specially intended for implementation of one of stages of rehabilitation process, labor therapy of hl. obr. mentally sick, for their involvement in labor processes, training of a new profession for the subsequent employment. The similar enterprises are available at nek-ry antitubercular clinics (see. Clinic ), leper colonies (see) and institutions of social security. As an independent organizational form such workshops began to create at the beginning of the 30th in the USSR, and later and in other countries. There are three types of workshops: for inpatients; for ambulatories; mixed. The general management of workshops is performed by hl. the doctor to lay down. institutions, to-rogo they are under authority. The doctor on labor therapy directly submits to it, to-ry directs to lay down. work also exercises control of the state of health of the patients occupied in workshops. The leadership in economic, technological and financial activity is carried out by the director of workshops, to-ry the hl is appointed. doctor of establishment. In the questions concerning the mode, volume and the nature of work of patients, the director of workshops is guided by instructions of the doctor on labor therapy. In workshops perhaps bigger quantity of types of work, various on character and complexity will be organized, independent sites or workshops, including home are allocated.

At establishment of types of work specifics existing around, the city, areas of productions are considered to facilitate further employment of patients on the profession acquired in workshops. Workshops function on the basis of self-financing. Low-power workshops, with the output less than 30 thousand rubles a year, can contain on special means. Workshops are exempted from payment of a sales tax and payments in the budget for assignment from profits; the got profit goes for improvement of cultural service of the patients working in workshops, providing them with free food and pharmaceuticals on strengthening of material resources of workshops and to lay down. institutions. The patients who are in a hospital and persons in need in are subject to the direction in workshops labor therapy (see) (the attending physician directs), and the faces consisting under dispensary observation — disabled people of the 1st and 2nd group and equated to them (preliminary selection the attending physician of a clinic, final — the commission makes). Do not send patients to workshops, the Crimea labor therapy is for health reasons contraindicated. Obligatory performance standards for patients are not established. The daily duration of operating time is defined by the doctor for each patient individually, but shall not exceed the 6th hour. Patients earn reward according to quantity of the developed products. The term of passing by patients of labor therapy in workshops is defined only by medical indications. Every 6 month hl. the doctor of establishment together with the doctor on labor therapy resolve an issue of expediency of continuation of treatment of the patient with work in workshops. Upon termination of treatment patients, depending on their state, find a job for former work or on the profession acquired in workshops.

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