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MEDICAL AND CONSULTING COMMISSION (MCC) — the commission organized in to lay down. - the prof. institutions of the USSR (in the joint hospitals and independent weed clinics) for examination of temporary disability and upgrading of treatment of patients. VKK will be organized in the presence in the state of 25 and more medical positions on outpatient appointment of patients. The deputies chief physician on examination of working capacity are a part of VKK (chairman), the manager. the relevant department and the attending physician who directed the patient to the commission. Besides, in case of need VKK are involved doctors of various specialties. At absence in staff of institution of the deputy chief physician on examination of working capacity of his duty the chief physician carries out, however the special order it can assign these functions to one of experienced doctors. Where VKK on the state is not provided, its functions are performed by the attending physician together with the manager. department or with the chief physician. Participation in examination of temporary disability is obligatory for all attending physicians, the manager. departments.

VKK defines degree and terms of temporary disability at patients, controls activity of attending physicians and advises them concerning examination of working capacity, systematically checks validity and observance of terms of delivery of leaves of disability, correctness of their registration (see. Leaf of disability ), resolves issues of extension of leaves of disability at it is long the current diseases, gives leaves of disability for a dignity. - hens. treatments, makes recommendations of providing to patients of the facilitated working conditions or of temporary transfer on another, the work shown them and no more than 2 months make out in these cases leaves of disability on total period (so-called labor, or shortpaid, a leaf of disability), directs patients in medical labor commission of experts (see) for definition of persistent disability and establishment of group of disability, resolves difficult conflict questions of examination of temporary disability. Before the direction on VKK patients undergo careful clinical inspection with carrying out necessary laboratornodiagnostichesky researches.

The decision of VKK is passed jointly on the basis of personal survey sick with members of VKK and studying of a case history, results of laboratory and other diagnostic testings taking into account working conditions and life of the patient. This decision registers in a case history and the blotter of the conclusions of VKK.

The manager is responsible for statement and quality of examination of temporary disability in department. department. The deputy chief physician on examination of working capacity provides studying by doctors to lay down. - professional, institutions of provisions concerning examination of working capacity, will organize actions for increase in their qualification in this direction, controls correctness of registration of leaves of disability, etc.

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