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MECHNIKOVA HOSPITAL — the former municipal hospital, nowadays — the central hospital of I. I. Mechnikov, base of the Leningrad Sanitary and Hygienic Medical Institute (LSHMI).

Cases of hospital of I. I. Mechnikov.

The hospital was put in connection with the 200 anniversary of the basis of St. Petersburg. Construction took place it in 1906 — 1916 on the project of architects L. A. Ilyin, A. I. Klein and A. V. Rosenberg executed based on and to forms of the Russian architecture of the beginning of 18 century (early baroque). The project provided a construction of a number of cases (pavilions), a part isolated, a part connected among themselves by transitions. B-tsa began to function partially in 1914 under the name «Peter the Great's Hospital». Construction works, considerable on volume, were carried out in postrevolutionary years, at the Soviet power would be completed, in 1924 the name of I. I. Mechnikov was appropriated to it. In 1934 in the territory of M. the monument to I. I. Mechnikov (the author — the sculptor L. V. Sherwood) in the form of a half-length bronze portrait of the scientist working with a microscope was established. On a plate — the quote from its works: «Is not present in the world unclear, a lot of things are not understood». M.'s construction. its opening — a contribution to development of domestic hospital business was an important event in architecture of hospital constructions in our country, and.

In the first years of existence in it a wedge, departments of a number of the highest medical educational institutions would begin to work. In 1915 for clinics medical f-that Psychoneurological in-that, directed by V. M. Bekhterev, the three-storyed pavilion was allocated for 160 beds. In 20 — the 30th years in M. also departments State in-that for improvement of doctors (GIDUV) were placed.

In the organization of research and practical work of M. V. A. Oppel took great interest, to-ry was her director in 1924 — 1929. At the initiative of H. N. Petrova in 1926 on base onkol, M.'s departments. the USSR's first was created Oncological by in-t, reorganized in 1927 into independent scientific and practical institution (nowadays — scientific research institute of oncology of H. N. Petrova).

In 1932 M. became «medical higher education institution hospital» where average and junior medics were students of higher education institution, medical technical school and medical workers' faculty; each doctor of department was a teacher. On the basis of hospital laboratories theoretical departments were organized: microbiology, biochemistry, etc.

In 1936 Mechnikova the hospital medical higher education institution was a part of the 2nd Leningrad medical in-that, in 1947 reorganized in Leningrad sanitary and hygienic medical institute (see).

In M. worked the traumatologist of P.P. It is harmful, the pathologist N. N. Anichkov, the neuropathologist M. I. Astvatsaturov, surgeons M. N. Akhutin, I. I. Grekov, V. M. Nazarov, P. N. Napalkov, H. N. Samarin, biochemist A. A. Schmidt, etc.

In days of the Great Patriotic War in M. one of hospitals of the Leningrad front for patients and wounded with the most serious and difficult illness and wounds was located.

By 1978 in 15 clinics of LSGMI which were located in the territory of M., there were nearly 2500 beds, including 850 specialized. As a part of clinical there would be reception with separate reception of patients of a therapeutic and surgical profile, diagnostic and auxiliary divisions (X-ray radiological, physiotherapeutic, pathoanatomical, etc.; laboratories — clinical, bacteriological, biochemical, virologic, cytologic; offices — fluorographic, physiotherapy exercises, etc.; the centralized drugstore).

In 1977 in Mechnikov to hospital about 45 thousand patients were treated.

Doctors of hospital actively participate in implementation of the plan of researches of LSGMI.

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