MAYO William Uarrel

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MAYO William Uarrel (Mayo William Worrall, 1819 — 1911) — the American surgeon.

MAYO William Uarrel

Was born in England. Got an education of the chemist and at the same time began to study medicine at the Manchester medical school founded by J. Dalton. In 1845 emigrated to the USA where originally would work as the druggist in New York, and then replaced several professions. Since 1847 continued medical education in medical college in Lafayette (State of Indiana) and in 1854 after the termination medical f-that un-that in St. Louis (State of Missouri) received degree of the doctor of medicine. In the next years was engaged in all-medical practice.

During the civil war in the USA did the surgeon military service.

U. U. Meyo's popularity is connected with his life and activity in Rochester where from small-tsy St Mary on 27 beds constructed on its project in 1889 eventually thanks to efforts of his sons U. J. Meyo and Ch. Meyo the world famous medical complex bearing his name grew. U. U. Was engaged in Mayo in public and political work much: the dignity worked on improvement. conditions of schools, reservoirs, improved medical aid at injuries, took part in developments of electrification and installation of telephones to Rochester; was a member of the senate. It is a lot of and successfully operated; for the first time in the USA manufactured operation of an ovariotomy. U. U. Meyo one of the first in the western hemisphere applied a microscope to medical researches. In 1861. U. U. Meyo based medical about-in Minnesota; within 50 years was an active member American medical about-va.

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