MATTE Stanislav Fedorovich

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MATTE Stanislav Fedorovich (1855 — 1921) is a domestic otorhinolaryngologist, professor (1918).

In 1881 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that, from 1884 to 1891 worked as the assistant to the prosector of department of histology, specialized in the field of otorhinolaryngology in Vienna at A. Polittser.

Since 1892 after protection dokt. theses on the subject «Doctrines about Functions of Separate Parts of an Ear Labyrinth» gave a course of lectures «The doctrine about ear diseases» on medical f-those Moscow un-that. In 1896 he became the first director of the Moscow special clinic of diseases of an ear, a nose and a throat, the cut directed till 1914. This clinic became one of the centers of development of domestic otorhinolaryngology (see). In 1914 Page F. Matte moved to Tashkent where in 1918 it headed department of otorhinolaryngology natural f-that National un-that (nowadays Tashkent medical in-t).

S. F. Matte — the author of St. 140 scientific works, including several monographs. Its works on studying of an inner ear, a technique of a research of a vestibular mechanism are widely known. The centrifuge for rotation of the patient, the goniometer, the ergograph and other special devices were offered them. S. F's works. Matte were also devoted to development of methods of operational treatment of diseases of an ear, throat, nose. He developed a number of new tools, offered methods of conservative treatment of tuberculosis of a throat.

Works: Review of literature on anatomy

and physiology of an inner ear, century 1, M., 1890; Doctrines about functions of separate parts of an ear labyrinth, M., 1892; Klinich

sky value of the centrifuge for recognition of some nervous diseases, Medical obozr., t. 60, No. 17, page 323, 1903; Dizziness, Autokinesis externa and interna, New functions of a snail, M., 1910,

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A. G. Likhachev.