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MARTINOTTI METHODS (G. Martinotti, the ital. pathologist, 1857 — 1928) — ways of histologic coloring normal or patholologically the changed skin, hl. obr. epidermis. Are offered by the author in 1924.

Pieces of skin during 5 — 8 days fix in neutral formalin or in other fixer and prepare frozen sections. For studying of process of keratinization prepare three solutions: 1) 5% orange (orange G) on a distilled water; 2) 1 g of methyleosine dissolve during the heating in 80 ml of a distilled water, after cooling add 20 ml of mix of 95% of alcohol and glycerin (1: 1); 3) in the same way dissolve in mix of water, alcohol and glycerin of 1 g of water blue. Paint receive 2 ml of the first, 3 ml of the second and 4 ml of the third of solutions by mixing. Cuts after washing immerse in paint for 5 — 10 min., rinse with water and, having carried out through absolute alcohol and a xylol, conclude in balm. The keratin is painted in blue, eleidin in zolotistozhelty, transitional substance in red and eleidin in violet color.

For selective identification of eleidin according to M. cuts paint m gemalauny, differentiate in 0,1 — 1% solution of potash alum, wash out and dokrashivat in freshly cooked 1% water solution of the azofuchsine chromazonew red, tolanovy red or rhodamine. Then wash out, differentiate in absolute alcohol and through a xylol conclude in balm. Eleidin is painted in red, kernels of cells — in blue color.

See also Histologic methods of a research .

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