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MARTINA AGAR (W. M. B. Martin, the English bacteriologist) — the medium for allocation of gonokokk offered in 1910 by the English bacteriologist Martin. M and. prepares as follows: add 0,5% of disubstituted sodium phosphate to meat water (Na 2 HPO 4 ), 1% of peptone of Witte and 2% agar agar. On each 5 ml of the ready environment spirit solution of phenolphthalein and normal NaOH solution before emergence of weak-pink color add 0,5%. Mix is filtered, spilled on test tubes and sterilized. Before the use apply 3 — 4 drops of the fresh inactivated blood serum of the person on a surface of a slant and put Wednesday in the thermostat for one night for control. On this Wednesday gonokokk give gentle, wet colonies of pale bluish color, with concentric lines and the granular center, differing them from colonies of other species of bacteria of the sort Neisseria markedly.

See also Mediums .

Bibliography: Martin W. Century M. of The isolation of the gonococcus and its differentiation from allied organismus, J. Path. Bact., v. 15, p. 76, 1910.

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