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MARINESKU-SHEGRENA SYNDROME ( G. Marinescu , Romanian neuropathologist, 1864 — 1938; To. G. T. Sjogren, Swedish psychiatrist and neuropathologist, sort. in 1899; Marinesku's synonym — Shegrena — Garland a syndrome; Marinesku — Draganesku — Vasiliu a syndrome) — the rare hereditary disease with an autosomal and recessive mode of inheritance which is characterized by an inborn bilateral cataract, an oligophrenia and a back and cerebellar ataxy. G. Marinesku with soavt, in 1931 and Shegren in 1935 is described. In total it is described apprx. 60 cases of M. — Sh. by page. For transfer the consanguineous relation of parents by inheritance matters. Equally often men and women get sick.

Patomorfol, changes of a nervous system are not specific: in a cerebral cortex the atrophy of ganglionic cells and depression of the myelinized fibers, in a cerebellum — a massive atrophy of bark and disintegration of pear-shaped neurocytes (Purkinye's cells) is noted.

Clinically M. — Sh. is shown by page at early age. There is a blindness owing to bilateral cataracts (see), coordination of movements is broken (see. Ataxy ), lag in intellectual development comes to light later (see. Oligophrenias ). Non-constant signs are: low growth, anomalies of a skeleton (a rachiocampsis, a nanocephalia, a dolichocephalia), weakness of muscles of extremities, pyramidal symptoms, the meeting squint, a nystagmus, etc. The current which is slowly progressing.

Symptomatic treatment.

Forecast adverse.

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