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MARBLE VERTEBRA (synonym vertebra from ivory) — the peculiar X-ray pattern of a body of a vertebra reflecting sharply expressed consolidation of its structure.

the Roentgenogram of lumbosacral department of a backbone at a lymphogranulomatosis (a side projection): the expressed sclerosis of a body of the V lumbar vertebra (a marble vertebra).

On roentgenograms the shadow of a vertebra is sharply strengthened, has no vertebra of the bone drawing, usual for a body, owing to substitution of a spongy bone compact (fig.) that is connected with an excess osteogenesis or total distribution and merge of the centers of an osteosclerosis. One or several L. S. can be formed at osteoblastic metastasises of malignant tumors (a prostate cancer, hypernephroid cancer of a kidney, etc.), and also at a lymphogranulomatosis. The combination of consolidation of a body of a vertebra to its deformation and reduction of volume meets at patol, compression changes owing to development of metastasises of tumors, a disease to Kalva (see. to Kalva disease ), Kyummell's diseases (see. Kyummellya disease ), etc. Multiple L. S. can be manifestation marble disease (see), osteomyelodisplasias (see. Osteomyelofibrosis ), the deforming osteosis (see. Pedzheta disease ), fluorosis (see).

Bibliography: Reynberg S.A. Radiodiagnosis of diseases of bones and joints, book 2, page 285, M., 1964.

Yu. G. Elashov.