MANUYLOVA Irina Aleksandrovna

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MANUYLOVA Irina Aleksandrovna (sort. in 1923) — the Soviet gynecologist-endocrinologist, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1982).

MANUYLOVA Irina Aleksandrovna

In 1946 ended the 2nd MMI. From 1946 to 1949 worked in clinical department of laboratory of a biotherapy of cancer of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, since 1952 — at department of obstetrics and gynecology of the 1st MMI. Since 1972 the research supervisor of the WHO Center for obstetric and gynecologic endocrinology; at the same time (1970 — 1973) chief obstetrician-gynecologist of M3 of the USSR.

Since 1979 the head of laboratory of physiology and pathology of reproductive function of the woman of All-Union scientific center on health protection of mother and child of M3 of the USSR. In 1966 protected dokt. a yew, on the subject «Clinic, Pathogeny and Treatment of a Postkastratsionny Syndrome». Professor (1966).

I. A. Manuylova published St. 200 scientific works, including 4 monographs which are generally devoted to problems ginekol, endocrinology: to clarification of a pathogeny of a postkastratsionny syndrome, diffusion fibrous and cystous mastopathy; to the hormonal disturbances causing dysfunctional uterine bleedings and endometriosis and also their treatment by synthetic progestins; to treatment of endocrine infertility clomifene, pergonal, synthetic progestins and Parlodelum. It described a hyperostosis of an occipital bone at women after castration (1969); the cytologic criterion of a precancer of an endometria based on quantitative definition patol, mitoses (1970) is developed. It possesses original works on studying of the mechanism of effect of prostaglandins and their use for abortion.

I. A. Manuylova — the WHO expert concerning protection of motherhood and the childhood, the member of the committee of executive committee of the International federation of obstetricians-gynecologists on terminology, the associate editor of the Soviet Medicine magazine, the chairman of the problem commission on obstetric and gynecologic endocrinology at presidium of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, the deputy chairman of problem committee on steroids of the commission of presidium of Academy of Sciences of the USSR on scientific fundamentals of medicine, the editor redotdet BME «Obstetrics and Gynecology». It is elected the honorary member Ob-va obstetricians-gynecologists of Hungary.

Works: Clinic, pathogeny and treatment of a postkastratsionny syndrome, yew., M., 1965; Fundamentals of endocrinological gynecology, under the editorship of K. N. Zhmakin, M., 1966 (a bus of a number of hl. sovm, with Zhmakin K. N.); Neuroendocrinal changes at switching off of function of ovaries, M., 1972.

V. P. Smetnik.