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MANSONELLIASIS (mansonellosis) — helminthosis, the activator to-rogo in a puberal stage parasitizes at the person in a mesentery of intestines and under a parietal peritoneum, and larvae of its (microfilarias) circulate in blood.

It is widespread in the countries of South and Central America (Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, etc.)? and also in India.

Mikrofilyary Mansonella ozzardi in the blood smear painted by hematoxylin.

Etiology and epidemiology. The activator M. — round Mansonella ozzardi helminth (Manson, 1897; Faust, 1929), relating to this. Filariidae Cobbold, 1864. Males are in detail not studied, only the fragment of the tail end of a body is described; female 65 — 81 mm long, 0,21 — 0,25 mm wide. Microfilarias 0,173 — 0,240 mm long, (fig.) 0,004 — 0,005 mm wide. The final owner of helminth — the person, intermediate owners — blood-sicking insects of a wood louse (Culicoides furens, etc.). Microfilarias in a body of mokrets become invasive for the person in 5 — 7 days. M.'s infection occurs at a krovososaniye of mokrets on the person.

Pathogeny. The sensitization of an organism metabolic products and disintegration of helminths is the cornerstone of M.'s pathogeny.

Pathological anatomy it is studied insufficiently.

Clinical picture. As result of allergization of an organism fever, headaches, dizzinesses, joint pains, numbness of the lower extremities, a pruritic erythematic enanthesis, sometimes hypostases are noted.

Diagnosis put at detection in blood of microfilarias of M. ozzardi (see. Helmintologic methods of a research ).

Treatment carry out ditraziny (a synonym: hetrazane, dietilkarbamazin). In the first day appoint 2 mg of drug to 1 kg of weight of the patient, in the second day of 4 mg/kg, in the third and the next days of 6 mg/kg; duration of a course of treatment is 10 days. After a two-week break conduct the second year of treatment. In order to avoid by-effects use antihistaminic drugs.

Forecast favorable; perhaps long current of M.

Prevention it is reached by destruction of mokrets and protection of people against their attack.

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H. H. Plotnikov.