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MAKKLYURA-OLDRICHA TEST (W. Century of McClure, amer. doctor, 1884 — 1936; Th. Century of Aldrich, amer. biochemist, 1861 — 1938; synonym: blisteral test, hydrophilic test) — the test on hydrophily of fabrics determined by time of a rassasyvaniye of the blister formed by intradermal administration of isotonic solution of sodium chloride.

Test is offered by Mack-Klyur and Aldrich in 1923. The accelerated rassasyvaniye characterizing the increased hydrophily of fabrics is observed at all patol, the states proceeding with hypostases (see. Swelled ), and also at the majority of inflammatory processes and intoxications. By data A. L. Syrkina, at a circulatory unefficiency the accelerated rassasyvaniye of a blister occurs generally owing to migration of water, and at inflammatory processes migration both sodium, and water is observed.

0,2 ml of 0,9% of sterile solution of sodium chloride enter the technician vnutrikozhno a fine needle into a surface layer of skin of an inner surface of a forearm. For more exact definition of time of a rassasyvaniye it is recommended to do by a row 2 injections so that two studied blisters were separated by small deepening. The end of a rassasyvaniye is defined to the touch (run a finger from surrounding skin to the place of an injection). Punctiform consolidation in the place of the prick is not taken into account during the definition of the end of a rassasyvaniye. Time of a rassasyvaniye at healthy people, according to most of authors, fluctuates from 60 to 100 min. At children this time is shorter: till 1 year — 29 min., up to 5 years 34 min., up to 13 years — 52 min.

In the presence of hypostases, and also inflammatory processes time of a rassasyvaniye is reduced to 30 — 40 min. Diagnostically more informative is conducting test in dynamics. The increase in time of a rassasyvaniye occurring in the course of treatment indirectly characterizes normalization of water and electrolytic exchange, sosudistotkanevy permeability and is a favorable predictive sign.

Shortcomings of test are difficulty of exact definition of the moment of a rassasyvaniye of a blister and influence on the speed of a rassasyvaniye of a number of factors (position of the patient, time of day, ambient temperature, etc.) in this connection test should be carried out in identical conditions.

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