MAHLER Halfdan

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MAHLER Halfdan (Mahler Halfdan, sort. in 1923) — the Danish doctor, the figure in the field of the international health care; since 1973. CEO of WHO.

MAHLER Halfdan

In 1948 ended medical f-t Copenhagen un-that; specialized on public health care. In 1950 as the planning specialist participated in the mass company on fight against tuberculosis in Ecuador. Since 1951 — the employee of WHO. Apprx. 10 years worked in India where as the senior specialist of WHO participated in implementation of the national program of fight against tuberculosis, and then headed the first large work of WHO on use of a method of operational research in the field of public health care. Since 1961 — professor-consultant on courses of training of doctors — future heads of programs for fight against tuberculosis; in 1962 — 1969 directed department of tuberculosis at the headquarters of WHO in Geneva.

In 1970 it is appointed to a post of the assistant to the CEO of WHO; on this post he was responsible for work of departments inf. diseases, health protection of a family, organization of health services and department of researches on epidemiology and communication sciences.

In 1973 the XXVI session of Assembly of health care X. Mahler was elected to a post of the CEO of WHO, and in 1978 it is again elected the XXXI session to this position for the second 5-year term.

X. Mahler is the author of a number of publications on epidemiology of tuberculosis and fight against it; a part of publications is devoted to political, social, economic and other aspects of health care, and also use of a method of systems analysis in the solution of its problems.

X. To Mahler honorary titles are given and awards and medals are awarded by high fur boots and other institutions of a number of the countries.

In the 70th years of X. Mahler repeatedly paid to the Soviet Union official visits. He was one of organizers of the International conference of WHO of UNICEF on primary health care (Alma-Ata, 1978).

Bibliography: Dr. H. T. Mahler appointed Director-General, Wld HI th Org. Chronicle, v. 27, July-August, p. 278, 1973.

E. V. Galakhov.