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LYUETINOVY REACTION (synonym lyuetinovy test) — diagnostic skin test with lyuetiny which represents extract from the killed culture of pale treponemas.

L. the river is offered X. Noguchi in 1911 for diagnosis syphilis (see). The pale treponema is cultivated on an ascitic agar in anaerobic conditions, heats up to 60 ° and karbolizirutsya. Due to the difficulties of cultivation of pale treponemas for statement of L. rubles use extract from the bodies of a syphilitic fruit rich with pale treponemas, and extract of testicles of the rabbit infected with syphilis. Positive L. the river flows on tuberkulinovy type and is characterized by development in patients with syphilis of consolidation, a papule, a hyperemia, pustules in the place of intradermal introduction of 0,05 — 0,2 ml of a lyuetin (area of a flexion surface of a forearm or shoulder) are more rare. Accounting of results of L. the river is carried out later 24 — 36 hours, in doubtful cases — in 48 — 72 hours. Histologically in the field of a lyuetinovy papule infiltration is noted by colossal and epithelial cells.

For diagnosis of syphilis use high-specific serological tests therefore L. rubles in view of nonspecific results in to clinic practically do not apply.

Bibliography: Ovchinnikov N. M. Experimental syphilis, M., 1955, bibliogr.; Noguchi H. Laboratory diagnosis of syphilis, L., 1923.

B. A. Somov.