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LYMPHOSARCOMATOSIS OF SKIN (lymphosarcomatosis cutis; a lymphosarcoma + - osis) — the malignant tumoral disease of skin which is characterized by growth and transformation of elements of lymphoid and reticular system into undifferentiated lymphoid cells.

Distinguish primary L. to. and secondary — as manifestation of innidiation lymphosarcomas (see) from internals and limf, nodes.


At primary L. to. the picture of kruglokletochny comes to light gistol, sarcomas (see), at secondary L. to. it is identical to tumoral defeat of the basic patol, the center.

A clinical picture

persons of mature and advanced age (from 40 to 70 years) Are ill generally. Primary isolated L. to. it is observed very seldom; damage of skin is more often happens multiple, being shown in the form of small and painful, plotnovaty small knots and nodes from 0,5 to 3,0 cm in the diameter, pinkish, cyanotic-pink or brown color. Surface of small knots usually smooth, semi-spherical or flat, sometimes ulcerated. Localization of a tumor of skin — any body part. Multiple elements of defeat quite often tend to group, sometimes they merge among themselves, forming large conglomerates with a chicken skin. Wedge, picture of secondary L. to. it is similar to primary.

Diagnosis the wedge, the picture confirmed gistol, a research is based on characteristic. The differential diagnosis is based only on data of morphology and is carried out with a reticulum cell sarcomatosis of skin (see. Reticuloses of skin ), fungoid mycosis (see. Mycosis fungoid ).


At the isolated primary L. to. surgery is shown — excision of a tumor, and also radiation therapy in a total dose of X-ray 2000 — 3000 I am glad. At widespread processes in cases of primary or secondary L. to. apply the combined treatment including cytostatic and corticosteroid drugs and radiation therapy.

The forecast

At the isolated primary L. to. and timely treatment life expectancy of the patient can be estimated many years. Secondary forms L. to. lead to a lethal outcome in shorter terms.

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