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LYMPHOCYTOMA OF SKIN (lymphocytoma cutis; a lymphocyte[s] + - oma; synonym: high-quality lymphadenosis of skin of Beverstedt, Shpigler's sarcoid — Fendta) — high-quality limforetikulyarny hyperplastic damage of skin. More often women aged after 40 years and children of 5 — 10 years are ill.

Fig. Mikropreparat of a lymphocytoma of skin: the massive infiltrate in a derma consisting of lymphocytes and histiocytes.

Etiology it is not known. The view of L is most widespread. to. as on reactive (in response to endo-and especially exogenous factors, including infectious and traumatic) a hyperplasia of mature lymphoid reticular macrophages.


In a derma — the massive infiltrate consisting generally of lymphocytes and histiocytes (fig.) and separated from epidermis by a thin zone of not changed collagen. The arrangement of cellular elements of infiltrate can remind structure of follicles limf. node.

The clinical picture

Is shown by L. to. one or is more rare several painless, sharply delimited nodes of 1 in size — 2 cm in the diameter, a plotnovatoelastichesky consistence of reddish or brownish color, localized more often on a face. Seldom found disseminated form L. to. (a multiple scattered enanthesis of a trunk), apparently, does not treat actually L. to., and is manifestation true lymphosarcomatosis of skin (see).

Diagnosis the wedge, pictures is put on the basis and is confirmed gistol, a research of a node. The differential diagnosis is carried out with Beck's sarcoid (see. Sarcoidosis ), damages of skin at a leukosis (see. Leukoses ), reticuloses of skin (see), eosinophilic granuloma of the person (see), etc.

Treatment — antibiotics, roentgenotherapy, excision of a node.

Forecast for life favorable, the course of a disease long, a recurrence of L is possible. to. after removal of a node, and also spontaneous involution of L. to.

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