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LUMBOTOMY (Latin lumbus a waist + grech, tome a section, a section) — opening of retroperitoneal space extra peritoneal access. As independent operation it is applied seldom (e.g., diagnostic L.), the L is much more often. is quick access to bodies of retroperitoneal space for performance of various operations: opening of retroperitoneal phlegmons, backbone, kidney operation, ureter, etc.

the Diagrammatic representation of skin cuts (.sploshny lines) at various lumbotomies: and — across Chaklin; — according to Fedorov (above) and to Bergmannu-Izrael (below); in — according to Southwick-Robinson.

Equipment L. consists in a section of skin and hypodermic cellulose then muscles stupidly move apart and partially cut (depending on area L.). After a section of a fascia bare and will stupidly mobilize a peritoneum. Thereby access to bodies is reached retroperitoneal space (see). The differentiated use of separate types of L is essentially important. depending on localization of the struck body or patol, educations, allowing to avoid an excessive injury of soft tissues and to create optimal conditions for performance of the main intervention. In this regard in literature a large number of quick accesses to retroperitoneal space is described. Fedorov's accesses, Bergmanna — Izrael, Chaklin, Southwick — Robinson (fig.), etc. are the most often used. L. it can be carried out in combination with thoracotomy (see) and laparotomy (see).

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