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LUGOL SOLUTION (Solutio Lugoli; J. G. A. Lugol, the fr. doctor, 1786 — 1851) — solution of iodine in aqueous solution of potassium of iodide. In structure of L. rubles enter 1 h iodine, 2 h potassium of iodide, 17 h water.

Lugol solution as medicine

At external use renders the antimicrobic and poorly expressed irritant action. At intake it is similar to other drugs containing elementary iodine, L. the river influences function of a thyroid gland, lipidic and protein metabolism.

Outwardly L. rubles apply as an antiseptic agent of hl. obr. for greasing of mucous membranes of a throat, a throat and a pharynx, and also for disinfection of skin of hands and at skin diseases. In L. rubles appoint 5 — 10 drops 2 times a day according to the same indications, as other drugs elementary iodine (see), napr, at atherosclerosis, a local craw etc. Besides, L. rubles apply at differential coloring of bacteria across Gram. Processing of L. the river of the bacteria painted by the main dyes (a crystal violet, metilviolety, etc.), leads to strong fixing of dye in certain species of bacteria (see. Grama method ).

Along with L. rubles for external use use also solution of Lugol with glycerin, to-rogo are a part 1 h iodine, 2 h potassium of iodide, 94 h glycerin, 3 h water.

Use in the histologic equipment

Spirit L. rubles use for removal of rainfall of corrosive sublimate from cuts or pieces of the bodies fixed in sublimate fixers. Water solutions of iodine and L. rubles apply also for the purpose of identification of a glycogen in fresh material and on the fixed cuts for what fresh pieces of bodies process L. rubles also consider in glycerin. For receiving permanent preparations L. the river is applied by Dreesen's method in modification by L. Lison and Lilly (R. D. Lillie). According to Lilly, after fixing and acetic to - that or in mix of alcohol with formalin cuts carry out to mixes of alcohol with formalin through a xylol, absolute alcohol and ether, process solution of iodine across Gram. Further cuts for dehydration process 2% solution of iodine in absolute alcohol twice, clarify, conclude in cretian origanum oil and okantovyvat photoxylin.

A negative side of all methods of identification of a glycogen by means of drugs of iodine (and including L. the river) is insufficiently high specificity of these methods since with iodine various proteins and amyloid give similar reaction. In this regard E. Pearse considers necessary control processing of cuts saliva or amylase for the purpose of splitting of a glycogen.

L. rubles use also for a differentiation of fibrin during the coloring it solution of a methylrosanilinum chloride on aniline water. At the same time fibrin is painted in blue color (see. Veygerta methods of coloring ).

See also Iodine .

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