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LUDLOFFA SPOT (To. Ludloff, is mute. the surgeon, 1864 — 1945) — triangular shape the enlightenment in a perednetsentralny part of a distal epiphysis of a femur seen on the side roentgenogram of a knee joint (fig., 1).

Ludloffa spot: 1 — the side roentgenogram of the right knee joint: an enlightenment of triangular shape in a perednetsentralny part of an epiphysis of a femur of the healthy young man — Ludloff's spot (it is specified by an arrow); 2 — a median sagittal cut of the distal end of a femur of the person: the site of shirokopetlisty spongy structure in the center of an intercondyloid part of an epiphysis (it is specified by an arrow) — anatomic substrate of a spot of Ludloff.

It is called by the name of Ludloffa, described this phenomenon in 1903. L. the item reflects a normal anatomic structure of a distal epiphysis of a femur and is caused by more rare crossbeams of spongy substance in this zone (fig., 2). Upper bound of L. the item is a metaphysis of a femur, front — a compact layer of a joint surface of a hip for a patella, back — a compact layer of an intercondyloid pole. It is most expressed to L. the item at children's and youthful age. During this period it is bordered with more dense strip, gradually disappearing by 20 — 24 years when L. the item above imperceptibly merges with the image of bone substance of a distal metaphysis of a hip.

Knowledge of L. it is necessary for the item not to accept this normal rentgenol. a phenomenon for the center of destruction or osteoporosis of a femur.

See also Knee joint .

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