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LOTIONS (fomentatio) — the weak solutions of medicinal substances in a distilled water used for treatment of superficial ostrovospalitelny damages of skin.

For P. use lead water (2% the solution of lead of acetate prepared for ex tempore); Burov's liquid (8% solution of aluminum of acetate) — 1 table. a spoon on a glass of water; 1 — 2% solutions of a tannin and resorcin; 2 — 3% solution boric to - you; 0,25% solution of silver nitrate; potassium permanganate in cultivation 1:1000 — 1:10000; Aethacridinum a lactate (Rivanolum) in cultivation 1:1000; Alibur's (Cupri sulfatis 0,1, Zinci sulfatis 0,4, Spiritus camphorati 3,0, Aquae destillatae ad 300,0) liquid, to-ruyu before the use dilute with water by 2 — 3 times, etc. Sometimes for P. add 5 — 10% to solutions alcohol.

Items possess antiinflammatory, epithelizing, knitting or disinfecting properties. The mechanism to lay down. P.'s actions it is based on evaporation of moisture and cooling of skin that leads to vasoconstriction, reduction of hypostasis and a moknutiya. Items suck away exudate, have the drying-up effect, provide protection of skin against influence of external factors, weaken or take off unpleasant subjective effects (an itch, burning). Certain to lay down. the medicinal substances which are a part of the Item give effect. Lotions are appointed at the ostrovospalitelny damages of skin (eczema, dermatitis, etc.) which are followed by a hyperemia, hypostasis, formation of erosion, moknutiy and also at treatment of ulcers of various origin.

Extensive P. are contraindicated to children of chest age, elderly people since they can cause overcooling of an organism. In case of the large centers of defeat and at prolonged use of P. some pharmaceuticals (boric to - that, resorcin) can have toxic effect, especially at children and persons with diseases of kidneys. Development of allergic reactions at use of solutions of Aethacridinum of a lactate, resorcin, etc. is possible.

At the use of a lotion of 4 — 6 layers of a gauze or soft cotton corresponding by the sizes to the center of defeat moisten with medicinal solution, wring out and impose on patol. center. At the same time each 5 — 15 min. irrigate a bandage or again moisten it in solution and wring out. Duration of the procedure 1 — 2 hours. No more than 3 — 4 days apply P. At the expressed inflammation and plentiful moknutiya use the cooled solutions, at a subacute inflammation — solutions of room temperature. For strengthening of cooling it is possible for a short time (no more than 10 — 15 min.) over a lotion to put a bubble with ice.

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