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LOOP BACTERIAL — the tool for crops of microorganisms and various manipulations with them. Represents the piece of a thin wire with an ear on the end inserted in a loop the holder.

Bacterial loop (a) and bacterial needle.

Item. will sterilize calcinating in a flame of a torch. The best material for P.'s production. — the platinum wire which quickly heats up and quickly cools down, is not oxidized, long serves. Also the wire from nichrom is suitable. One end of a wire (length of 6 — 8 cm and 0,3 — 0,5 mm thick) is bent in the form of an ear (loop) to dia. 0,2 — 0,5 cm, another — fix in a clip special metal to a loop holder (fig., a) or seal in a glass rod. For capture of strictly certain amount of the studied material use calibrated by P., to-rye calibrate on the weight (weight) of the taken-away material or by means of Chaplevsky's standards — a set of the pins of various section allowing to prepare loops with an ear of the necessary diameter (e.g., a loop with an ear to dia. 3 mm take 5 mkl liquids). There are also standard calibrated P. Except P., apply a bacterial needle, to-ruyu do of a direct piece of a wire (fig., b) also use for crops by «prick» in thickness of a dense medium and capture of small colonies.

See also Bacteriological techniques .

N. S. Goryachkina.