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LI SHI-ZHENG (1518 — 1593) — the Chinese scientist and the doctor. Was born in the Provinces of Hubei. Studied medicine under the leadership of the father, to-ry was a doctor.


Li Shi-chzhen author of 10 works. The most known of them — the twenty-languid treatise pharmacopeia «Ben Tsao Gan Mu» (The full herbalist with the annex to medicine) published in 1596. In it the centuries-old experience accumulated by ancient medicine up to 16 century and own observations of Li Shichzhen is generalized. The treatise is the valuable reference book in the field of a pharmacopeia and medicine. It contains the description of 1892 pharmaceuticals (more And one thousand various medicinal copy-books) mineral, plant, animal origin. In the book questions of philosophy, geography, history and on other divisions of science are taken up. At the description of pharmaceuticals their scientific and national name, location is provided in the nature, ways of collecting, preparation and storage, effect of medicinal substance is specified an organism, diseases are listed, at to-rykh this or that medicine is applied, indications and contraindications to use, admissible and inadmissible combinations are specified. Several volumes are allocated for the list of diseases and prescription copy-books to them. Many of the drugs described in it are checked in a scientific experiment and entered modern medical practice. It is translated into the European languages (Latin, English, German, French).

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E. I. Lotova.