LIVANOV Mikhail Nikolaevich

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LIVANOV Mikhail Nikolaevich (sort. in 1907) — the Soviet physiologist, the academician (1970). The member of the CPSU since 1940.

LIVANOV Mikhail Nikolaevich

In 1931 ended biol, department physical and mathematical f-that Kazan un-that, then specialized on an electrophysiology in the same place. In 1941 protected dokt, the thesis on a subject about frequency processes and mechanisms of cortical activity. Since 1947 — professor. Headed laboratories of an electrophysiology in Ying-those a brain of M3 of the USSR (1933 — 1947), Ying-those pathologies and therapies of intoxications of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1947 — 1949) and Ying-those biophysics of M3 of the USSR (1949 — 1961). Along with 1951 manager. laboratory of conditioned reflexes of animals and the person in Ying-those higher nervous activity and neurophysiology of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In 1963 — 1967 the director-organizer Ying-that complex studying of a brain of Academy of Sciences of the USSR; since 1967 the manager. department of problems of memory Ying-that biophysics of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

M. N. Livanov published St. 140 scientific works, including 3 monographs. He one of founders of an electroencephalography in the USSR — for the first time in the USSR (1933) began to conduct systematic researches of electric activity of a brain, in particular studying of spatio-temporal ratios of bioelectric processes of various departments of a brain. It developed a method of an elektroentsefaloskopiya and the Elektroentsefaloskop device is created (sovm, with V. M. Ananyev), on a basis to-rogo with use of the COMPUTER and mathematical methods of a research it showed that the level of space synchronism of biopotentials in a cerebral cortex is an important condition for spread of activation between analyzers.

M. N. Livanov (1956) began to investigate one of the first in the USSR funkts, the organization of a cerebral cortex at the neural level using microelectrode technics. The hypothesis of chain spread of activation in a cerebral cortex was offered them and idea of value of temporary ratios in activity of neurons for the processes which are the cornerstone of memory (1975) is put forward.

Under the leadership of M. N. Livanov for the first time in our country microelectrode studying of activity of neurons of a brain of the person is begun (in the course of neurosurgical operations). The obtained data revealed essential value of system cellular processes and a role of a number of deep formations of a brain in implementation of processes of the selection attention, storing of verbal information and its reproduction.

M. N. Livanov's researches revealed high sensitivity of c. N of page of animals and the person to ionizing radiation and its great value in development of beam pathology.

For development of theory of higher nervous activity to M. N. Livanov in 1970 the award of I. P. Pavlov, and in 1976 — a gold medal of I. P. Pavlov was awarded.

Under its management the St. 50 theses, including 11 doctor's are prepared.

It is hl. the editor of the Achievements of Physiological Sciences magazine (since 1975), consists since 1962 the member of the International organization of a research of a brain (IBRO), the honorary member Hungarian entsefalografichesky about-va (1976).

It is awarded by awards of the October Revolution, the Labour Red Banner (three), «the Sign of Honour» and medals.

Works: Elektroentsefaloskopiya, M., 1959 (sovm, with Ananyevy V. M.); Some problems of action of ionizing radiation on a nervous system, M., 1962; Neurokinetics, in book: Probl, sovr, neyrofiziol., under the editorship of V. N. Chernigovsky, page 37, M. — L., 1965; Space organization of processes of a brain, M., 1972; Neural mechanisms of memory, Usp. fiziol. sciences, t. 6, No. 3, page 66, 1975.

Bibliography: Kostiuk P. G. Mikhail Nikolaevich Livanov, Zhurn. vyssh. nervn. deyateln., t. 27, No. 6, page 1123, 1977.

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