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LITTENA PHENOMENON (The m of Litten, is mute. doctor, 1845 — 1907; synonym phrenic phenomenon of Litten) — the movement of a linear shadow in the lower edges investigated, observed during a breath at healthy faces under certain conditions of survey. It is caused by retraction on a breath of mezhreberiya owing to decrease in intrathoracic pressure. It is described by Litten in 1892; intended for the characteristic of disturbances of the movement of a diaphragm.

Essential diagnostic value L. t. has no: it often is absent not only at the different diseases which are followed by changes of intrathoracic pressure and function of a diaphragm (emphysema of lungs, pleurisy, pheumothorax, pneumonia, etc.), but also at healthy, especially corpulent, subjects.

Bibliography: Litten M. t) ber die normalen bei jeder Respiration am Thorax sichtbaren Zwerchfellsbewegungen, Dtsch, med. Wschr., S. 273, 1892,