LISITSYN Konstantin Mikhaylovich

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LISYTSYN Konstantin Mikhaylovich (sort. in 1921) — the Soviet surgeon, the doctor of medical sciences (1964), professor (1966). Lieutenant general of health service. The member of the CPSU since 1944.

Participant of the Great Patriotic War. Ended in 1945. Naval medical academy also held various medical positions in parts and by the ships of the Navy. Since 1951 worked

as the teacher at departments of surgery of VMA. In 1964 defended the doctoral dissertation on a subject: «Change bone a gomo-heterotrance

of the plantat which are stored in paraffin». From 1965 to 1970 directed department of field surgery

military-medical f-that Gorky medical in-that. Since 1970 the chief surgeon of the Third central military clinical hospital of MO USSR and at the same time the deputy chief surgeon of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR, and since 1976 the chief surgeon of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR and since 1981 at the same time the chief of department of surgery military-medical f-that the CCP of doctors.

To. M. Lisitsyn is the author of the St. 150 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to questions of the organization of the surgical help in field conditions, surgery of an aorta and other main vessels, went. - kish. path, purulent infection, and also to private problems of the emergency and field surgery.

K. M. Lisitsyn is the member of presidium of government of Vsesoyuzny about-va surgeons, the board member Vsesoyuznogo, All-Russian about-in surgeons, presidium of Academic medical council of M3 of the USSR, the chairman of committee on surgery of Academic medical council of M3 of the USSR. K. M. Lisitsyn is the deputy editor-in-chief of the section «Surgery» and the deputy editor-in-chief of a redotdel «Military medicine. Health service of civil protection» BME, member of editorial board of magazines «Hirurgiya», «Voyenno-meditsinsky zhurnal»; To. M. Lisitsyn is the member of the International association of surgeons, the honorary member Ob-va of military medicine of GDR.

It is awarded by the Order of Lenin, two awards of the Red Star, the award «For Service to the Homeland in Armed Forces of the USSR» III of degree and medals.

Works: Change bone a gomo-heterotrance-plantatov, stored in paraffin, dpss, L., 1964; Field surgery, M., 1982 (sovm. with other).

Bibliography: Konstantin Mikhaylovich

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V. I. Samokhvalov.