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LIND James (Lind James, 1716 — 1794) — the English (Scottish) sea doctor, the founder of sea hygiene in England.

LIND James

Upon termination of Edinburgh un-that (1748) till 1758 worked in this city, then until the end of life was a doctor of Haslarsky sea hospital.

Together with J. Pringl was a founder of school of sciences in the field of sea hygiene, having been the principle of the prevention of diseases of staff of the English fleet the basis for the activity. Participating in sea swimmings, studying descriptions of voyages, he established that the reason of extremely high incidence and mortality from a scurvy was irrational food of sailors. As a warning facility of a scurvy he suggested to include lemon and orange juice in a food allowance of sailors. J. Lind published «The treatise about a scurvy» (1753), in Krom gave the detailed description of this disease and ways of its treatment. In work «About the most effective methods of preservation of health of seamen of the Royal Fleet» (1757) it described the basic diseases of sailors and diseases extended by recruits. J. Lint entered a row a gigabyte. devices by the ships (the device for receiving sweet drinking water from sea by distillation); offered introduction special a dignity. the ships in ports of the tropical countries.

Works: Treatise on the scurvy, Edinburgh, 1753 (Russian lane, Nikolaev, 1798); An essay on the most effectual means of preserving the health of seamen in the royal navy, L., 1757; An essay on diseases incidental to Europeans in hot climates, L., 1768; Lind’s treatise on scurvy, Edinburgh, 1953.

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