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LINDSLI Donald (Lindsly Donald Benjamin, sort. in 1907) — the American physiologist, the doctor of philosophy (1932), professor (1946).

In 1929 left Vittinbergsky college. Since 1932 was a teacher of psychology of the Harvard medical school; since 1938 the assistant to department of psychology of Braunsky un-that and the head of psychological laboratory; since 1946 the prof. of psychology Northwest un-that; since 1951 the prof. of psychology and pediatrics un-that in Los Angeles; since 1954 the prof. of psychology, psychiatry and physiology; since 1959 the head f-that psychology; since 1962 the head of laboratory of a neuropsychology Ying-that researches of a brain in Los Angeles.

D. Lindsli's researches are devoted generally to studying of neurophysiology of perception and visual discrimination, influence of touch isolation on mentality of the person. He one of the first beginnings to use a method of an electroencephalography during the studying of a brain of the person; investigated the intra central relationship between lateral and medial departments of a hypothalamus, a reticular formation and a hippocampus. D. Lindsli showed that activation of a lateral hypothalamus causes emergence of a theta rythm in a hippocampus and a reticular formation, and found out a role of various sites of a mesencephalon in emergence of a dream. To them it is established that the destruction of the central sites of a mesencephalon at animals affecting a reticular formation caused a dream and led to emergence of low-frequency rhythms of big amplitude on EEG. D. Lindsli is the author of the activation theory of emotions, according to a cut the leading mechanism of their emergence is the ascending activating influence of a reticular formation of a brain.

A number of works of D. Lindsli is devoted to studying neyrofiziol, mechanisms of the directed attention. To them it is shown that the irritation and cold blockade of nek-ry kernels of a thalamus causes the change of the caused answers in a cerebral cortex which is combined with behavioural reactions of disturbance of attention in animals.

D. Lindsli was an editor of a row fiziol, magazines in the USA; the amer consists the member of many. scientific about - century.

Works: Effect upon the ITS G of acute injury to the brain stem activating system, Electroenceph. clin. Neurophysiol-, v. 1, p. 475, 1949 (sovm, with other); The reticular system and perceptual discrimination, in book: Reticular formation of the brain, ed. by H. H. Jasper a. o., Boston — Toronto, 1958 (Russian lane, M., 1962).

S. A. Osipovsky.