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LIMFATIKO-GIPOPLASTICHESKIY DIATHESIS (Latin lympha pure water, moisture + grech, hypo-+ plasis formation, education; diathesis) — the anomaly of the constitution which is forming under the influence of hereditary and external factors and characterized by change of a dynamic equilibrium between separate hormones and enzymes that in turn leads to disbolism. Frequency of L. - of makes 3 — 6% of all anomalies of constitutions (see. Diathesis ). Anomaly especially clearly comes to light by the end of the first — the beginning of the second year of life of the child.

As a peculiar condition of an organism with a certain set of internal and external signs of L. - of was for the first time described by the pathologist Paltauf (R. Paltauf, 1889), and in the subsequent the pediatrician T. Esherikh.

The lowered excitability of c. N of page, funkts, immaturity immunol, the device, insufficient adaptation to conditions of the environment are idiosyncrasy of L. - of, about a cut predisposition to formation skin and respiratory is connected allergic diseases (see), weight of a current of nasopharyngites, otitises, blepharites etc.

Assume that the sudden death of the children suffering from L. - of, after small surgical interventions or easily proceeding inf. diseases it is caused by glucocorticoid insufficiency. Such acute manifestations of L. - of is designated in some cases as status thymicolymphaticus.

At L. - of is celebrated tendency to to obesity (see), and expressiveness of hypodermic cellulose is defined not only a lipidic component, but also significant increase in an amount of water in it. Pallor of integuments, puffiness of the person, decrease in turgor of fabrics, weakening of a tone of muscles, a hyperplasia is characteristic lymph nodes (see) and increase in the sizes thymus (see).

In peripheral blood at most of children of early age (up to 3 years) hypochromia anemia comes to light (see. Iron deficiency anemia ). At children 3 years against the background of a moderate leukocytosis are more senior also the monocytosis is observed relative lympho-.

Changes from a respiratory organs arise preferential in cases of accession of an intercurrent infection or allergic damages of upper airways.

From cardiovascular system decrease in the ABP, funkts, noise is noted.

In nek-ry cases there is an unstable chair that is connected with disturbance of motility of intestines and decrease of the activity of nek-ry enzymes.

At L. - of needs the balanced food: food shall contain 20 — 25% less water in comparison with age norm, limited quantity of an animal fat, carbohydrates, sodium chloride; the general caloric content of food shall be reduced by 10 — 15% against age norm. Products shall be acquired, contain enough vitamins easily. Massage, gymnastics are shown. It is necessary to carry out the tempering procedures.

Question of inoculations to the children suffering from L. - of, is solved individually, taking into account a condition of the child and expressiveness of manifestations of L. - of. In case of need inoculations carry out the sparing doses under cover of antihistaminic drugs (see. Vaccination ).

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