LIMBERG Alexander Karlovic

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LIMBERG Alexander Karlovic (1856 — 1906) — one of founders of domestic stomatology and the higher dental education in Russia.

LIMBERG Alexander Karlovic

In 1881 graduated from the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy.

Since 1892 taught in dental surgery clinic Eleninsky clinical in-that. Since 1900 it is invited to the Russia's first department of tooth diseases at Women's medical in-those (in St. Petersburg).

A. K. Limberg's thesis on the subject «Modern Prevention and Therapy of a Caries of Teeth» (1891) was the first original work on stomatology, published in Russian.

The classification of caries offered by A. K. Limberg did not lose the value and now. In 1884 he gave the report on need of compulsory higher education for dentists in Russia, in Krom subjected to sharp criticism statement of a zubovrachevaniye in Russia and insisted on that the zubovrachevaniye was lifted to the level of other medical specialties. The report printed in the Vrach magazine (No. 24, 1884) drew to itself attention of the general medical public. A. K. Limberg's role as founder of children's stomatology in Russia is big. He for the first time in Russia offered system of planned sanitation of teeth at children school students.

In 1883. A. K. Limberg took part in the organization St. Petersburg about-va dentists and dentists, in Krom it within 14 years consisted the secretary, and then its permanent chairman. Was the chairman of the 1st All-Russian congress of dentists and dentists (1896, Nizhny Novgorod), the 2nd congress of odontolog (1899, St. Petersburg).

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