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LILLAFYURED (Lillafiired) - the climatic resort in the north of Hungary, near Miskolc and in 190 km from Budapest. Byukk at the height of 304 m is located on picturesque slopes of the massif above sea-level. Surrounding mountains and the dense woods protect the resort from winds. The climate is soft, moderately wet. Annual average air temperature 8,2 °.

Rainfall for a year of 570 mm. Number of hours of sunshine in a year apprx. 2000. The main to lay down. a factor — climate. In summertime patients take solar and air baths on the beach, near the big outdoor swimming pool. In the resort well-planned klimatosooruzheniye, a balneary, rest houses, boarding houses, tourist centers.

Indications: hron, diseases of upper respiratory tracts of not tubercular character, funkts, frustration of a nervous system.

V. V. Poltoranov.