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LIGHT STARVATION (synonym solar starvation) — disturbance of life activity of the person and animals as a result of a long absence or insufficiency of immediate effect on an organism of sunlight in general or its separate components.

In the USSR questions This year and a gigabyte. values of light were developed by N. F. Galanin, A. P. Parfyonov, N. M. Dantsig, etc.

This year it is connected first of all with seasonal changes of number of hours of sunshine and features of spectral structure solar radiation (see) depending on geographic latitude. Deficit ultraviolet radiation (see), the most active in the biological relation, increases in the winter, especially in sowing at ground level. latitudes during polar night. However and in middle latitudes in the big industrial cities intensity of natural Uv-radiation is considerably weakened by big cloudiness, smoke and dust content of the air basin. In rooms unfavorable conditions for solar lighting arise at a double glazing, pollution of glasses and shading of windows too dense curtains. A part in development is played This year by the clothes limiting access of UV rays to a body of the person, least of all sunshine get through cottons of dark color, staple-fiber woven fabrics, a linen cloth. In yuzh. latitudes observed at children of early age at long contents them in tents or under bed curtains This year.

Wedge, manifestations are caused by decrease in body resistance to harmful external effects, change immunol This year. reactivity, functional frustration of a nervous system, disbolism. In conditions protective function of skin decreases This year, increases. its sensitivity to irritant action of physical and volumetric factors that often leads to development pyodermas (see), dermatitis (see); natural process of formation of vitamin D in skin is at the same time broken that promotes disturbance of phosphorus-calcium exchange, and at children of early age can be a cause of illness rickets (see). Change immunol. reactivity, disturbance phosphorus-calcium and other types of exchange cause decrease in both physical, and intellectual working capacity, braking of process of consolidation of bones after changes, slow down healing of wounds, promote development of caries of teeth, an aggravation hron. diseases, to development of toxicoses of an endogenous origin. Besides, disturbance of normal function of an organ of sight, and also disturbance of a circadian biorhythm and closely related activity of c is possible. N of page (see. Biological rhythms ).

Need of the prevention is always considered This year at a design of the cities (see. the Design of the inhabited places ). Creation in zones of large settlements of resort districts, recreation areas, parks, beaches and stadiums pursues the aim to compensate deficit of radiation of an organism by a sunlight at city dwellers. In sanatoria, rest houses, boarding houses,-tsakh, child care recreational facilities for this purpose use specially constructed sunbeds (see. Aerosolyary ), where conduct courses of the dosed solar bathtubs (see. Heliation ).

In the absence of an opportunity to use adequately natural insolation, especially during the autumn and winter period, for the prevention apply radiations from artificial sources of Uv-radiation This year, including in special fotariya (see).

Lamps of Uv-radiation can be used also in installations for usual lighting of rooms, at the same time separate inclusion and switching off of UF-lamps and lighting lamps is provided. Previously define a dose At the F-regional doctrine, necessary for prevention or compensation This year (see. Dosing ). Make UF-radiation of foodstuff from artificial sources of Uv-radiation for the prevention of a hypovitaminosis of D.

However even the widest use of artificial sources of Uv-radiation cannot replace completely action of sunlight, influence to-rogo one organism more difficult and biologically more effectively.

See also Light .

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