LIDSKY Arkady Timofeyevich

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LIDSKY Arkady Timofeyevich (1890 — 1973) — the Soviet surgeon, the member correspondent of AMH (1945), zasl. scientist (1942).

LIDSKY Arkady Timofeyevich

After the termination in 1914. Kazan un-that it was called up for military service where worked in a part and military hospital. Since 1918 the department chair of normal anatomy, and since 1924 the department chair of the general surgery Astrakhan medical in-that. In 1931 moved to Sverdlovsk where participated in the organization Sverdlovsk medical in-that, the department chair of hospital surgery was the deputy director and the department chair of the general surgery, from 1933 to 1966. During the Great Patriotic War the hl was. surgeon of evakogospitaly Sverdlovsk region.

A. T. Lidsky published more than 200 scientific works, including 9 monographs. He is the author of original operations (an artificial ankylosis of an ankle joint, an extravesical prostatectomy, operation of recovery of a pelvic bottom). Under the direction of A. T. Lidsky operations of an omentogepatofiksation and an omentocardiopexy as special cases of organoanastomoz are developed for creation of additional ways of blood supply.

A. T. Lidsky developed also questions of field surgery, in particular use of a plaster bandage at treatment of gunshot wounds, treatment of the infected fire changes and late complications of gunshot wounds.

A. T. Lidsky consisted the board member Vsesoyuznogo about-va surgeons and the International association of surgeons, the honorary member Ob-va of surgeons of N. I. Pirogov; was a member of editorial council of magazines «Hirurgiya», «Klinicheskaya meditsina», «Vestnik hirurgii» and the editor «Surgery» in 2 prod. redotdet. BME. It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Red Star and medals.

Works: Comparative assessment of modern ways of disinfection of hands, Pg., 1917; Surgical approaches to a prostate at its hypertrophy, Astrakhan, 1923; The Deaf plaster bandage at treatment of wounds in rear hospitals, Sverdlovsk, 1941 (sovm, from Tarkovskaya B. I.); The infected fire change, Sverdlovsk, 1946; The Most important diseases of peripheral vessels, M., 1958; Surgical diseases of a liver and bile-excreting systems, M., 1963; Chronic venous insufficiency, M., 1969; Symptomatic diagnosis of surgical diseases (from a symptom to the diagnosis), M., 1973.

Bibliography: Wexler G. Ya. Professor A. T. Lidsky, Urology, No. 5, page 95, 1960; Klimov K. M. idr. To the 40 anniversary of scientific, medical and pedagogical activity of the prof. A. T. Lidsky, Surgery, No. 6, page 82, 1955: Arkady Timofeyevich Lidsky's (1890 — 1973) memories, Grudn, hir., No. 3, page 106, 1973.

G. A. Pokrovsky.