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LIBERKYUN Johann (Lieberkuhn Johann Nathanael, 1711 — 1756) — the German doctor and the anatomist, the doctor of medicine (1739), the member London royal about-va.


Began to study medicine in Yen, continued in Leiden at G. Burkhava, Albinusa (V. S. Albinus) and H. D. Gaub. In 1739 in Leiden the academic degree of the doctor of medicine for the thesis on a subject about the gate of a colon and purpose of a worm-shaped shoot was appropriated to it. Through a nek-swarm time showed the original anatomic drugs in London royal about-ve. In 1745 I. Liberkyun for the first time described the numerous tubular deepenings found in a mucous membrane of intestines. Long time they were called liberkyunovy glands, in sovr. To the international histologic nomenclature (1970) received the name «intestinal crypts» (glands). He the first developed a technique of production of corrosion preparations (molds from wax or silver).

I. Liberkyun designed a microscope (a so-called simple microscope of Liberkyun) consisting of vertically put plate with an opening; on one its party there is a moving holder with several magnifying glasses possessing various increase on other party of a plate hooks object of studying becomes stronger. It is a lot of microscopic drugs and I. Liberkyun's microscopes are stored in the museum at department of anatomy of VMA and the 1st MMI.

Works: De valvula coli et usu processus vermicularis, diss., Lugd., 1739; De fabrica et actione villorum intestinorum tenuium hominis, Lugd., 1745; Description d’un microscope anatomique, B., 1745.

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