LEYTEYZEN Gabriel Davidovich

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LEYTEYZEN (Lindov) Gabriel Davidovich (1874 — 1919) — the domestic doctor and the journalist, the participant of revolutionary movement.

LEYTEYZEN (Lindov) Gabriel Davidovich

In the 90th of last century began to conduct revolutionary work in Ekaterinoslav (nowadays Dnipropetrovsk), originally as the member of a circle of the studying youth, and then the propagandist in working circles. Because of prosecutions of police emigrated abroad (1895). Ended medical f-t Parisian un-that.

Combined study, and then medical practice with revolutionary activity. Adjoined the Release of Work group.

Supporter and employee of «Spark»; living in Paris, carried out V. I. Lenin's orders. After the II congress of RSDRP — the Bolshevik. Cooperated in the newspapers «Vpered», «Proletary» and other Bolshevist editions. Having returned to Russia, actively participated in revolution of 1905 — 1907. In 1906 — 1907 at it at the dacha V. I. Lenin and N. K. Krupskaya disappeared. At the V congress of RSDRP (1907) made the report on «A working congress»; it was chosen in the Russian RSDRP Central Committee bureau. At the end of 1907 it was arrested and committed to prison «Crosses»; after release (1908) conducted party work in Tula. In 1910 — 1911, being a member of the Russian RSDRP Central Committee bureau, took a conciliatory position. In 1911 it was arrested and sentenced to exile, edges to it in connection with a disease it is replaced with public supervision of the Tula police. In 1911 — 1917 G. D. Leyteyzen worked as the doctor in Tula. Organized free sanatorium for workers. After the February revolution of 1917 entered into group of social democrat internationalists where in 1918 headed the left wing, the same year returned to Bolshevik Party. After Great

October socialist revolution — the member of board People's commissar work. It was elected the member of VTsIK. Took active part in construction of the Soviet health care, working generally in the field of social insurance and labor protection. Author of a number of historical and political works, and also works on questions of labor protection and social insurance of industrial workers. In 1918 the chief Politotdela and the member of Revolutionary Military Council of the 4th Army. Participated in the organization of repulse to belochekha and in liberation of Samara. On January 20, 1919 it is killed with anti-Soviet elements at the front.

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