LETAVET Augustus Andreevich

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LETAVET Augustus Andreevich (sort. in 1893) — the Soviet hygienist, the academician of AMH (1950), the winner Leninskoy (1963) and the State (1949) awards of the USSR.

LETAVET Augustus Andreevich

In 1917 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. Since 1919 the dignity worked. Narkomtrud's inspector; since 1925 the senior assistant Central in-that labor protection; since 1927 the manager. gigabyte. sector Ying-that occupational health and industrial hygiene Narkomzdrava of the USSR; since 1935 the manager. laboratory of an industrial microclimate Ying-that occupational health and occupational diseases of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, from 1948 to 1971 the director of it in-that. The long period of A. A. Letavet directed department of industrial hygiene of TsIU in Moscow (1931 — 1955).

A. A. Letavet published St. 200 scientific works on questions of the general and private occupational health, including the works devoted to studying of physiology of heat exchange of the person with the environment and also to mechanisms of action on an organism of convection and radiant heat; to development of questions of rationing of industrial aerosols. Many data obtained by A. A. Letavet formed the basis a gigabyte. rationing of a microclimate under production conditions. Under its management for the first time in the Soviet Union researches on studying of working conditions are executed during the work with radioactive materials and sources of ionizing radiation, on studying of the mechanism of their action on an organism, evidence-based actions for radiation protection of personnel are developed and the first are made a dignity. rules and norms.

A. A. Letavet is an editor and one of authors of the textbook on occupational health, the 3-volume guide to hygiene and many collections of scientific works Ying-that occupational health and occupational diseases of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. Since 1957 hl. editor of the «Occupational Health and Occupational Diseases» magazine. He is the vice-chairman of the Problem commission «Scientific fundamentals of occupational health and professional pathology». Under its management it is prepared apprx. 40 dissertation works.

A. A. Letavet consists the honorary member Czechoslovak medical about-va of Ya. Purkinye and the International organization of medicine of work (1972). He was an editor of editorial department «Hygiene» in 2 prod. BME, is the deputy editor-in-chief of the section «Hygiene» and the editor-in-chief of an edition of department «Occupational health. Occupational diseases» in 3 prod. BME.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin (three), Labour Red Banners (three), «the Sign of Honour» and medals.

Works: Course of occupational health, Sverdlovsk, 1946 (sovm, with other); Radiation heat exchange of the person with the environment, in book: Gigabyte. work, incidence and prevention of traumatism in the metallurgist, and gornorudn. prom-st, under the editorship of A. A. Letavet, page 9, M., 1956; Hygienic problems of radiology, Medical radio-gramophones., t. 2, No. 1, pages 1 1, 1957; Occupational health in agriculture, M., 1960 (an edition sovm, with L. I. Bear); Occupational health during the works with radioactive materials and sources of ionizing radiation, the Management on a gigabyte. work, under the editorship of F. G. Krot-kov, t. 1, page 509, M., 1965 (sovm, with Tarasenko N. Yu.); Occupational diseases, M., 1973 (bus of a number of the Art. and edition).

Bibliography: Roshchin A. V. Zhizn given to development of the Soviet occupational health To the 85 anniversary since the birth of A. A. Letavet, the Gigabyte. work and the prof. having got sick., No. 11, page 32, 1978; 60-year anniversary of the full member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences prof. A. A. Letavet, Gigabyte. and dignity., No. 5, page 62, 1953.,

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