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LESH Fedor (Ferdinand) Aleksandrovich (1840 — 1903) is a domestic therapist, the doctor of medicine (1866), professor (1885).

LESh Fedor (Ferdinand) Aleksandrovich

Ended in 1863. Medicochirurgical academy in St. Petersburg, then was on a training abroad. From 1866 to 1885 worked in St. Petersburg in overland military hospital, and then in therapeutic clinic of VMA. At the same time was a consulting physician of the Nikolaev military hospital and taught on the High female medical courses. In 1885 F. A. Lesh is invited by extraordinary professor to department of medical diagnosis Kiev un-that where worked till 1897

F. A. Lesh published apprx. 20 scientific works, the most known of to-rykh are devoted to a scatology. In 1875 it for the first time described the activator of an amebiasis — Entamoeba histolytica, to-ruyu it called Amoeba coli. These amoebas were found by it in excrements of the patient who had a bloody diarrhea. Features of disease and results of experimental infection of dogs, at one of to-rykh developed amoebic ulcers in intestines, allowed it to draw a conclusion on pathogenicity of the found amoebas.

For a number of years F. A. Lesh consisted the chairman Kiev about-va doctors.

Works: Formation of pulmonary heart attacks at an embolism, a yew., SPb., 1866; Microscopic examination of cholera fresh excrements, Medical vestn., No. 15, page 113, 1871; Massenhafte Entwickelung von Atb-ben im Dickdarm, Virchows Arch. path. Anat., Bd 65, S. 196, 1875.

Bibliography: Zasukhin of H. and Avakyan A. A. 100 years from the date of opening and the description of the activator of an amebiasis F. A. Lesh, Medical parazitol., t. 45, century 2, page 225, 1976; Svanidze D. P. History of studying of an amebiasis and fight against it in the USSR, page 23, M., 1955, bibliogr.; Fedor Aleksandro vich Lesh (Losch) massive development of amebas in the large intestine, Amer-J. trop. Med. Hyg., v. 24, p. 383, 1975.

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