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LERMITT Jean (Lhermitte Jacques Jean, 1877 — 1959) — the French neuropathologist and the psychiatrist, professor (1922).

Jeanne's LERMITT

Ended medical f-t Parisian un-that in 1900. In the years of World War I headed nevrol, the center in Bourges, and in 1919 there was a hl. the doctor of hospital in Vilzhyuif. In post-war years the prof. of neurology medical f-that in Paris directed medical school, since 1922.

Numerous scientific works of Zh. Lermitt are devoted to questions of morphology of a nervous system, a wedge, neurology, psychiatry and psychology. He studied post-war psychoneuroses, diencephalic epilepsy, rheumatic defeats of a nervous system, a katalepsy of awakening, bilateral senile parapareses due to consolidation of muscles with the subsequent contractures of sgibatel, the senile atrophic changes in a grub of a cerebellum conducting to an inkoordination. The syndrome of «pedunkulyarny hallucinosis» described by it in 1920 at tumors or inflammatory and vascular changes in a tire of a mesencephalon is widely known (see. Hallucinations ). In 1923 Zh. Lermitt described a phenomenon of the electric discharge penetrating all body at a ducking forward as a diagnostic character of multiple sclerosis at localization of process in cervical department of a spinal cord. These two syndromes are called by his name.

It was the honorary member of numerous French and foreign cash medical about - century.

Works: Etude sur les paraplegies du vieillards, P., 1907; La section totale de la moelle ep ini ere, P., 1918; Les mecanismes du cer-veau, P., 1937; L’image de notre corps, P., 1939.

Bibliography: World biography, v. 2, p. 2782, N. Y., 1948.

V. V. Mikheyev.