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LERISH Wren (Leriche Rene, 1879 — 1955) — the French surgeon and the physiologist, the member of the Parisian academy of Sciences (1945), National academy of medicine and Academy of surgery of France (1946).

Rene's LERISh

In 1906 ended medical f-t Lyons un-that, then worked in surgical clinic at A. Pops. In the years of World War I (1914 — 1918) was at the front and headed school of improvement of field surgeons. Since 1919 managed surgical department in Lyon. Professor of department of clinical surgery in Strasbourg un-those (since 1924), in the College de Frans in Paris (since 1926), and since 1937 it at the same time headed both of these departments. In 1940 — 1952 worked in the center of vascular surgery in Lyon.

R. Lerish published apprx. 1200 scientific works, including 21 monograph. The majority of its works is devoted to problems of the general and private a wedge, physiology and formed a basis for formation and development fiziol, the directions in surgery. He investigated a problem pains (see), in particular the pain syndrome which is an effect of wounds; studied possibilities of use of surgical methods for pathogenetic treatment. He one of the first suggested to apply operative measures for century of N of page to treatment of hl. obr. diseases of peripheral vessels. R. Lerish considered that a disease not distortion normal, and emergence new fiziol, ratios. R. Lerish developed a technique of blockade and operative measures on a sympathetic nervous system, including periarterial sympathectomy (see). He in detail described clinic and offered a method of operational treatment hron, occlusions of terminal department of a ventral aorta (see. Lerisha syndrome ). For works on treatment of contaminated wounds R. Lerish is awarded by the Listerovsky medal (1939). He was a founder and the first president of the European society of cardiovascular surgeons; was an honourable doctor of 30 foreign high fur boots, the honorary member of a number of foreign academies and societies, including. All-Union society of surgeons of the USSR.

Works: L’arteriectomie dans les arterites obliterantes, Etude experimentale et the-rapeutique, P., 1933 (sovm, with Strieker P.); La Chirurgie de la douleur, P., 1937, 1949; De la resection du carrefour aortico-iliaque avec double sympathectomie lombaire pour thrombose arteritique de l’aorte, le syndrome de l’obliteration termino-aortique par ar-terite, Presse med., t. 48, p. 601, 1940; Anevrysmes arteriels et fistules arterio-veineuses, physioiogie, pathologique et traitement, P., 1949; La Chirurgie discipline de la connaisance, Nice, 1949; Bases de la Chirurgie physiologique, P., 1955 (pyc.

lane, L., 1961); Souvenirs de ma vie morte, P., 1956 (Russian lane, M., 1966).

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And. B. Pokrovsky.