LEPUKALN Alexander Fedorovich

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LEPUKALN Alexander Fedorovich (1892 — 1966) — the Soviet surgeon, the doctor of medical sciences (1944), professor (1949), zasl. scientist of the Latvian SSR (1959).

LEPUKALN Alexander Fedorovich

In 1912 studied in St. Petersburg un-those, in 1913 — 1917 — in Yuryevskom (nowadays Tartu). In 1918 voluntarily entered Red Army, was involved in civil war. In 1922 ended medical f-t Voronezh un-that, then worked as the district doctor in Voronezh lips. Since 1927 the graduate student, and since 1930 the assistant to faculty surgical clinic of the 1st Leningrad medical in-that. Since 1932 the assistant, then since 1942 the associate professor of faculty surgery of the 1st MMI, a cut directed N. N. Burdenko.

Since 1946 the department chair of hospital surgery Latvian state un-that (nowadays Riga medical in-t). At the same time the hl was. surgeon (1949 — 1959) and hl. neurosurgeon (1959 — 1966) M3 of the Latvian SSR.

A. F. Lepukaln published the St. 60 scientific works devoted to questions of neurosurgery, experimental and clinical surgery, the organization of health care. In particular, a number of its works is devoted to studying of problems of traumatic shock, fight against a mephitic gangrene and injuries. Under its management it is executed apprx. 10 dissertation works.

A. F. Lepukaln was chairman Nauchnogo about-va surgeons of the Latvian SSR (1948 — 1966), the honorary member of board All-Union about-va surgeons, actions, the member of the International association of surgeons. Consisted the member of editorial councils of magazines «Hirurgiya», «Neyrokhirurgiya», the Medical abstract magazine, and also the editor «Surgery» in 2 prod. redotdet. BME.

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Efedrinoterapiya of traumatic shock according to experimental data, Surgery, JVb 9, page 46, 1937; The Drop intravenous efedrinoterapiya of traumatic shock according to clinical data, the Doctor, business, No. 5, page 353, 1938; New about the mechanism of action of intravenous drop injections on increase in a vascular tone at treatment of shock and other serious conditions in surgical clinic, Surgery, No. 2-3, page 48, 1943; Materials to the doctrine about traumatic shock, a yew., M., 1944.

Bibliography: Grigorash F. F. Alexander Fedorovich Lepukaln, in book: From history medical, under the editorship of K. G. Vasilyev, century 5, page 293, Riga, 1963; The X N about x L. I. and Nikitin A. A. Alexander Fedorovich Lepukaln's memories, Surgery, No. 7, page 151 * 1968.

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