LEPIN Pierre

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LEPIN Pierre (Lepine Pierre Raphael, sort. in 1901) — the French virologist, the epidemiologist and the immunologist, the member of Academy of Sciences of France (1961), the member of National academy of medicine (1956), the foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1969).

LEPIN Pierre

In 1922 ended Lyons un-t, then worked in hospital in Lyon. In 1925 protected dokt, the thesis and the prof. of pathology American un-that in Beirut (Lebanon) was elected; since 1928 Pasterovsky's director in-that in Athens (1930 — 1935), the manager directed laboratory in Pasterovskom in-those in Paris, then. departments of rage (1936 — 1940) and virology (1940 — 1971) of Pasterovsky in-that in Paris.

P. Lepin published St. 700 scientific works, including the fundamental guide to viruses and rickettsiae (sovm, with K. Levaditi). Its main researches are devoted to creation of a poliomyelitic vaccine and development of theoretical and practical questions of vaccination, studying of problems of rage, myxoviruses, herpes, cancer, leukoses, genetics of viruses, epidemiology of ornithoses and viral infections. Took part in creation of the French medical encyclopedia. He actively keeps up the traditional friendship between the Russian scientists and Pasterovsky's scientists in-that which arose during lifetime of L. Pasteur and I. I. Mechnikov. The book about I. I. Mechnikov is written to them. a number of the reviews devoted to the Soviet science is published.

P. Lepin consisted the WHO expert on rage, flu and poliomyelitis, was the president Evropeyskogo about-va fight against poliomyelitis, is the honorary member Vsesoyuznogo about-va microbiologists, epidemiologists and infectiologists, and also some other national and international about-in and the organizations.

Works: Les ultravirus des maladies humaines, P., 1938, t. 1—2, P., 1948 (sovm, with Levaditi of €.); Les ultravirus des maladies animales, P., 1943 (sovm, with other); Dictionnaire fran-cais-anglais, anglais-fran^ais des termes me-dicaux et biologiques, P., 1952 (sovm. with Krassnoff G. D.); Techniques de laboratoi-re en virologie humaine, P., 1964; Les virus, P., 1966; La rage, P., 1969 (sovm. with Garnet A.).

I. G. Balangding.