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LEOPOLDA COMMON PEOPLE OPERATION (Ch. J. Leopold, is mute. gynecologist, 1846 — 1911; V. Czerny, is mute. the surgeon, 1842 — 1916) — one of ways of a metropexy to an abdominal wall at its loss. L. — H the lake is option ventrofixations of a uterus (see); it is offered by authors at the beginning of 20 century.

L. — H the lake does not give the chance to bear pregnancy therefore it is carried out preferential at elderly women; at operation at women of childbearing age make sterilization. There are no special contraindications to operation; training of the patient is similar that at a chrevosecheniya. For anesthesia use an endotracheal anesthesia or peridural anesthesia.

Technology of operation

Operation of ventrofixation of a uterus on Leopold — Common people: carrying out threads (1) through thickness of an uterine fundus (2) and through all layers of both edges of a section of a front abdominal wall (3 — an aponeurosis, 4 — an inner edge of a direct muscle, 5 — a parietal peritoneum), except skin and hypodermic cellulose (6).

After nizhnesredinny laparotomies (see) or a section across Pfannenshtil (see. Pfannenshtilya section ) in an operational wound a hand remove a uterus, examine appendages. At absence patol, changes of internal generative organs through thickness of an uterine fundus, without getting into a cavity, is closer to its front surface carry out 2 — 3 thick silk or mylar threads. The ends of threads remove in both parties through a parietal peritoneum of a front abdominal wall, inner edges of direct muscles of a stomach and an aponeurosis (fig). Pulling threads in the parties and up, layer-by-layer take in an abdominal wall: after sewing together of edges of an aponeurosis of thread, imposed on a uterus, serially densely tie, put stitches on skin with hypodermic cellulose. In order to avoid infringement of loops of guts between a uterus and an abdominal wall it is recommended to impose in lengthwise direction of 3 — 4 catgut seams on a peritoneum of a vesicouterine fold so that there was no free space left.

At this operation of Common people carried out ligatures through an uterine fundus, a peritoneum and an aponeurosis, and Leopold — through a uterus and all thickness of an abdominal wall. L. — By h the lake it has to be combined with plastics of muscles of a bottom of a basin for prevention of a recurrence of a frank prolapse.

The postoperative period proceeds usually.

See also Prolapse of the uterus, vaginas .

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