LEONOV Vasily Antonovich

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LEONOV Vasily Antonovich (1889 — 1972) — the Soviet pediatrician, the member correspondent (1940), the academician (1941) and the vice-president (1940 — 1947) AN of the Belarusian SSR, zasl. scientist of the Belarusian SSR (1939). The member of the CPSU since 1938.

LEONOV Vasily Antonovich

After the termination in 1914 VMA served as the medical officer. Since 1918 the assistant to children's clinic medical f-that the Voronezh unt. Since 1923 the department chair of children's diseases Smolensk medical in-that, and since 1924 — medical f-that Belarusian state un-that (since 1930. Minsk medical in-that). Along with 1959 manager. sector of gerontology of AN of BSSR.

V. A. Leonov published the St. 100 scientific works devoted to a research of higher nervous activity of the child, epidemiology, a pathogeny, clinic and treatment of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, permeability of a blood-brain barrier, treatment of a tubercular bronchadenitis and meningitis at children, a role of microelements in an organism of the healthy and sick child. It showed need of enrichment of a diet of the pregnant woman, and also nursing mother and child of early age the vital microelements: copper, cobalt, zinc, molybdenum, manganese, etc. It developed an enrichment method microelements of vegetables, milk, the eggs intended for food of the children weakened and having anemia.

V. A. Leonov was one of founders of pediatric school of Belarus. Under its management the St. 70 theses, including 7 doctor's are prepared. He created Ob-in children's doctors of Belarus and was its chairman (1932 — 1970); in-that was the research supervisor Research protection of motherhood and the childhood of M3 of the Belarusian SSR. V. A. Leonov was the deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR (the 2nd and 3rd convocations); consisted the chairman of the academic council of M3 of the Belarusian SSR, the associate editor of the Health Care of Belarus magazine, editorial council of the Pediatriya magazine, the board member Vsesoyuznogo about-va children's doctors.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Labour Red Banner (three) and medals.

Works: Materials for studying of conditioned trace reflexes at children, a yew *, Minsk, 1926; Zinc in a human body and animals, Minsk, 1971 (sovm, from Dubina T. L.).

Bibliography: V. A. Leonov, Pediatrics, No. 3, page 89, 1973; V. A. Leonov (To the 75 anniversary since birth), Zdravookhr. Belarus, No. 6, page 88, 1964.

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