LEONARDOV Boris Konstantinovich

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LEONARDOV Boris Konstantinovich (1892 — 1939) — the medical officer, the specialist in the field of the organization and tactics of medical service, the doctor of medical sciences (1935), professor (1931), brigvrach.

LEONARDOV Boris Konstantinovich

In 1911 arrived on medical f-t Moscow un-that, in 1915 it is called up for military service zauryadvrachy. In 1917 at partial demobilization of army it is recalled in Moscow by un-t, to-ry ended in 1918. The participant of civil war since August, 1918, was an army doctor, the assistant to the chief of the Rostov evacuation center, the head of department, then the assistant to the chief of a medical unit of the Caucasian front. In 1923 ended the High academic courses of a komsostav at the RKKA Military academy.

From 1921 to 1931 was at the leading work in the Head military and sanitary department, as the head of department in the beginning, then the assistant to the head of department. Being one of the closest associates 3. P. Solovyova, it during this period was directly involved in the organization of medical service of Red Army, in development of the manuals and other documents regulating its activity in improvement of system of preparation military medical of shots. At the same time he taught military and sanitary business in Rostov un-those (with 192 «)), the RKKA Military academy of M. V. Frunz (since 1924) and the 1st MMI (since 1929). In 1931 — 1939 the chief of department of military and military and sanitary disciplines of VMA where brought a lot of new in a technique of the organization and holding medicotactical occupations.

B. K. Leonardov published St. 130 scientific and popular scientific works, W. h textbooks, manuals and monographs. Personally to them and under its management a number of important sections of the organization and tactics of medical service was developed and theoretically reasonable: organization and technique of management of medical service, medical investigation, principles of echelon treatment, evacuation sorting, planning of medical ensuring army operation. With its direct participation reorganization of army medical service in the mid-thirties was carried out.

Works: Technique and technology of operational work of army sanitary chiefs, M. — L., 1930; Military public health service in the army area, M. — L., 1931; Organization of medical care in the field, M., 1931; Cleansing, Tactics and equipment of public health service, M., 1032: Public health service in the army area, M., 1934, 1937; Modern sanitary and tactical bases of the surgical help, Vestn, hir., t. 58, mm. 3, page 284, 1939; Sanitary and tactical bases of the surgical help and treatment of wounded - z wartime, Materials on the soldier. - field hir., under the editorship of H. N. Burdenko p other, page 5, M. — L., 1940.

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