LENOH Frantisek

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LENOH Frantisek (Lenoch Frantisek, 1898 — 1970) — the Czechoslovak physiotherapist — the balneologist and the rheumatologist, the doctor of medical sciences, professor (1946).

LENOH Frantisek

In 1923 ended medical f-t of Karlov un-that in Prague, then worked as the assistant to clinic of internal diseases. Since 1934 the associate professor, since 1946 the prof. Karlov un-that; since 1948 the director physiotherapeutic and balneal in-that in Prague. In 1952 — 1970 the director of scientific research institute of rheumatic diseases.

F. Lenokh published more than 200 scientific works, among to-rykh the most valuable the works devoted experimental and a wedge, to justification of use of methods of a fiziko-balneoterapiya at the rheumatism and other diseases connected with disturbance of collagenic structures in an organism are.

His name is inseparably linked with formation and development in Czechoslovakia of fundamentals of physical therapy, balneology and rheumatology. He created school of the Czech rheumatologists-physiotherapists.

F. Lenokh was awarded ranks of the honourable doctor of medicine Un-ta F. Schiller in Yen (GDR), awarded by a medal of Ya. Purkinye (Prague); The royal academy of Sciences of Holland to it awarded a medal Ya. Wang Bremen. It is awarded the order Work.

Works: Nemoci kloubni, kostni a svalove, Pralia, 1953 (sovm, with Pelnar J.); Beitrag zu experimentellen Grundlagen des Elekt-rotherapie, in book: Abhandl. Geb. d. phys. Ther., hrsg; v. A. Kukowka, Bd 3, S. 350, Lpz., 1956; Notre conception sur la the-rapeutique de la polyarthrite chronique £volutive avec egard special sur la chryso thiotherapie, Med. interna (Buc.), v. 9, p. 13, 1957; Etiopathogenie du rhumatisme articulaire aigu, Rev. Rhum., v. 25, p. 347, 1958.

Bibliography: Nesterov A. I. Frantisek Lenokh (1898 — 1970), Vopr, revm., No. 3, page 94, 1971; 60 anniversary of professor Frantisek Lenokh, Vopr, kurortol. and fizioter., No. 5, page 469, 1958.

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