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LENKO Yang (Lenko Jan, sort. in 1917) — the Polish urologist, the doctor of medicine (1951), professor (1960).


In 1941 ended medical f-t Lviv un-that, then was on specialization. Since 1945 worked as the urologist in a wedge,-tse Krakow, and since 1953 — in the Central military clinical hospital of Lodz.

Since 1958 the manager. urological clinic of Army medical college in Lodz. At the same time in 1958 — 1965 was the vice rector of Army medical college, the chief urologist Voysk Polish (since 1965), the director Ying-that surgeries of this academy (since 1974).

Ya. Lenko published the St. 250 scientific works devoted to questions of operational urology: adenomectomies of a prostate, closing of vaginovesical fistulas, stitchings on a kidney at a nephrotomy. He offered modification of operation of Brown at a hypospadias, own method of a pneumoretroperitoneum with access in lumbar area. The Urals, diseases, traumatology of bodies of urogenital system, to treatment of a korallovidny nephrolithiasis published works on radiodiagnosis. He is the author of 6 guides and manuals on a wedge, urology.

From 1968 to 1978 was the editor-in-chief of the Bulletin of Army medical college in Lodz (Biuletyn Wojskowej Akademii Medy-c z pe j, Lodz).

Ya. Lenko is the full member International about-va urologists. In 1972 — 1974 was the chairman Polish urological about-va.

Works: The long-term results of fabric therapy of narrowings of an urethra, Urology, No. 3, page 21, 1958 (sovm, from Marchinsk A.); Modification personnelle and 1’operation de l’hy-pospadias par le procede de Duplay, J. Urol, med. chir., t. 66, p. 278, 1960; Millin’sre-' tropubic prostatectomy, Brit. J. Urol., v. 37, p. 450, 1965 (sovm, with Cieslinski S.); Urologia przypadkow naglych, Warszawa, 1968; Zarys urologii, Warszawa, 1974 (edition); Kamica moczowa, Warszawa, 1976 (sovm. with other). \

Bibliography: Cieslinski S. i. M a r-k i e w i with z K. Jubileusz plk. prof. zw. dr. med. Jana Lenko, Biul. Wojsk. Akad. Med., t. 20, s. 226, 1977, bibliogr.

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